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It all starts with a consultation. A consultation is a meeting of the minds. I will meet at the individual's business or preferred place and have a conversation about what their needs are and how I can support their business goals. 

There are two pathways in how I can assist you:

1.) The first option is I can impart the knowledge that I have obtained over the years into you or train someone. This way you are self sufficient and after training you will have the option to recieve 6 months of telephone support to address any further issues. 

2.) The second option is I can assist you by over seeing and managing your platform. This includes services such as a simple website to a full blow 24hr/7day a week marketing platform. This is wonderful for individuals and businesses that are tight on time and need an expert to run and manage these services for them. This will free up the individual's time to do what they love, which is focusing on running their business or campaign with out the added stress of additional work. 

- Be a Social You!

Areas of Expertise  & Services Include:

  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Google & Bing Ad Words 
  • Google Business Pages
  • Website Design & Hosting
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Internet Marketing 
  • Traffic Streaming
  • Graphic Design including Logo's, Print & More.
  • Media Exposure & Press Releases
  • Branding 
  • Podcasts
  • Fundraising & Events
  • Business Regulations and Employee Management
  • & More.

I work with each business on a sliding scale according to their budget because I believe all businesses and organizations should be able to afford the assistance they need regardless of their size. The small can't always become the strong with out help. 

Some of my Previous Clients Include:

  • Joe Delfgauw & Associates 
  • Dr. Jim Hines gubernatorial candidate for Michigan Governor
  • The Cosmetic Wellness Center
  • Vissage Wellness Center LLC
  • The H.O.P.E Program
  • $35 Dollar Massages of Rochester
  • West Michigan Home Values
  • Rent To Own Homes
  • Ecain LLC
  • The Ultimate Rent to Own Program
  • Higher Education Assistance
  • Always Grow Personally
  • Quadsil
  • Raven Analytical Laboratories   
  • Polished Beauti Salon
  • Cloud Based Campaigns
  • Email Marketing Careers

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